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 +====== daily yacht charter in Croatia ======
 +Sailing just one hours along the south shores of Palmizana Island you can drop anchor near the world renowned Zlatni Rat (5 nm). This shore covered by graves (not sandy) where thousands of tourists spend their summer holiday. After one mile sailing you can eating the little Mediterranean town of Bol out and swimming (please keep in mind just a few berths are available, only for charter yachts). After lunch sail around the shores of the isle until you reach one of this area's most attractive bays, the Lovrecina Bay (25 nm) with great sandy beach!
 +You can sleep here if you wants quiet this night also or sail to Omis (4.5 nm) on the continental coast. This is a small town with native feeling. [[http://​|click]]
 +Many programs are offered by this small town. Sukosanit the citadel subsequently join one of the rafting classes. The Cetina River is a fantastic spot for those who like busy vacations (canoeing, white water rafting and kayaking). Radmanove Mlinice, located five kilometers to Cetina River'​s canyon, is a picnic place famed for bread baked for fresh trout that could be caught from the river and under an iron lid (peka). Sibenik is close to Omis (12 nm) you are able to sail to the base in time this afternoon. Enjoy in the crawling city. Welcome back to the culture! ​
 +Cruise, sailing, sailing in Croatia, sailing yacht, yacht charter, fun, sunbathing
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